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David Bullard

David Bullard’s dry sense of humour, exceptional journalistic skills and “tell it like it is” attitude to life makes him an ideal presenter for Car Torque. His sometimes irreverent, blunt opinions are both rare and entertaining, yet he is fair, saying just as easily if he likes something as he would if he dislikes it. He offers his personal opinion – like it or lump it.

He is passionate about cars. He wont be able (or want to) tell you which engine oil to use or what an overhead camshaft does, but he is an excellent driver who sees motoring as an important part of his lifestyle.

David was born in London in 1952 and emigrated to South Africa in 1981. He spent twenty-four years working in financial markets before a career switch to journalism. His “Out To Lunch” column in the Sunday Times has been running since 1994 and is one of the country’s best-read columns. He has written on cars for the Sunday Times Lifestyle section since 2001, and is consulting editor on the newspapers Motoring and Sport subscriber magazine. He also writes for several other magazines including The Media, Food and Home Entertaining and Upfront. He is also a popular MC and after dinner speaker

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