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Broadcast date : 20th May 2007

There was a time when the term "drifter" meant someone you should avoid. As in: "Don’t you get involved with that drifter, girl! He’s a rolling stone that will gather no moss!"

No wonder our kids grow up confused. These days the Rolling Stones remain the most successful entertainment act in the universe, and as for drifters, well they are seen as artists of a sort – the automotive sort.

So what makes a cool drift? There are a couple of things...
  • How far you can hang the tail out… (pause)
  • How long you can hang the tail out… (pause)
  • And how neatly you can gather it all up.

And to do all that, you need a rear-wheel-drive car with the right sort of handling.

The Nissan 200 SX is ideal for drifting, and this one is absolutely stock. But to make it easier to drift, Jonathan has made just one special modification.

There are different approaches to the art of drifting...

  • There’s the fast-in-and-jerk-the-steering method.
  • There’s the slower-approach-and-gas-it-on method…
  • Then there’s the avoid-the-corner-completely technique…

Or maybe a combination of all three.

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