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Amphibious vehicle - the Hippo

Broadcast date : 20th May 2007

The amphibious Hippo is built by China Automobile Manufacturers, a Beijing-based company already selling commercial vehicles in South Africa.

The Hippo has been in use all over the world for the past five years, as a go-anywhere 4x4. It has full four-wheel-drive land capabilities, and, yes, the propeller shaft can be engaged to turn it into a boat.

It has seating for lots of your mates and a rugged, durable, no-frills finish.

Using an Isuzu 2,8 litre turbodiesel motor, it produces a modest 68 kiloWatts, and 196 Nm of torque.

You simply load up your rods and tackle, hop in, and drive to the nearest river or dam at a steady ninety kays-an-hour cruising speed.

The steel body is completely sealed so it doesn’t ship any water when taking the plunge off a river bank

Ideal for a fisherman who doesn’t want to mess around with trailors and tow vehicles.

Although when it comes to image, you may have difficulty in gaining membership to the upper-echelons of the boating fraternity.

So it may not look like a sting-ray, or a sea-way or whatever other fancy things you have out here on the Vaal, but you people are going to laugh on the other side of your face when you check out this little baby.

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