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Xtreme Show Preview

Broadcast date : 22nd April 2007

For the past four years the Castrol Xtreme Auto Show has been the place to be if youíre into the crazy world of customising.

The Castrol Xtreme exhibition has ridden the wave of motorhead madness thatís gripped the country over the past half-a-dozen years, and many customisers base their schedules around it, making sure that their prize projects debut at the show.

In the beginning, there was the fifty-five Chevy. Thatís not strictly true, because street-rodding was around in the 1930s. But the '55 Chevy is the car that gave us the immortal small-block Chevy V8 engine, which has formed the basis for millions of street rods ever since.

This is a 210 model that has been converted from a four-door into a two-door Bel Air look-alike. Itís a veteran of the show circuits, and currently owned by well-known customiser Clinton Coleman.

What makes the '55 Chevy so popular is that itís a car you can use as a daily driver, and stock parts are still produced by the million in America, as well as hot-rodding parts. Itís a fine mix of classic and street rod.

The seats are BMW but covered in American sofa fashion, while the basic paint of this car is over 15 years old. As for power, this has one wild motor.

Ever since the movie Gone in Sixty Seconds came out starring Nicholas Cage in a Mustang called Elanore, Mustang mania has gripped the planet.

Many customisers are recreating Elanores from late sixties Mustangs, but this car is far more collectible than the movie car which was based on a 390 GT. This is a genuine 1969 Shelby GT350 Mustang, the only one of its kind on the African continent and one of just 800 produced.

This Schnitzer Beemer was cutomised by JSN Motors in Bryanston. This is the M6 Schnitzer Tension, a limited-edition model that was seen at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2005 as a concept car, show-casing Schnitzer dress-up goodies.

The dual-tone colour scheme changes the look completely, giving the M6 a 1930s coach-built flavour. This is a show-car colour scheme first seen in Frankfurt in 2003 on the Z4 Topster concept.

Another coupe thatís in the mega-buck league is this Mercedes-Benz CL 500, the baseline to the much wilder CL63 which will no doubt be a highlight of the show.

By show time itíll have a full AMG conversion carried out by AMG SA, which, unlike the DaimlerChrysler AMG division, carries out various stages of conversions according to customer preference.

The nice thing about fitting AMG goodies to your pricey Merc is that they are approved by DaimlerChrysler and donít affect the warranty.

Another car opting for the dual-tone 1930s Bugatti-type look is this DTM Merc AMG. Itís one of just three in the country, and with a value of close to R4-million, viewers may be shocked that anyone would change the paint scheme.

But Brett assures us the sponsor-driven colour-change is a stick-on vinyl job.

And for performance freaks who like to have a good view of the road ahead, thereís this specially imported G55 AMG, all 355 kilowatts of it, thanks to supercharged V8 motivation.

While the G55 is a wolf in farmerís clothing, the opposite may be said of this be-blinged Nissan Navara with 22 inch Racing Heart wheels.

But who cares about its bog-stock diesel motor when you have Sound to worm its way right into your DNA.

Rockfordís Power range is the game in this particular town, with two potent amps from the same company driving a pair of eight-inch P3 subs.

Each door has 32 lights that glow when the system is pumping, and the beautiful install is courtesy of Moniers Car Sound in Lenasia.

Drop-down DVDs and other fun items are part of the fun-pack.

This is a Pro One chopper. Apart from traffic-stopping looks, it comes with a steep frame-rake, long forks and a cruise speed of 140 km/h plus. The Motor is a 114 inch Total Performance unit.

The orange and blue flame-job beauty is known as a Pro Street, and Tommy Roos says it has amazing high-speed stability, with a top end of 200 plus.

But these are cruisers, meant for kicking back and smelling the roses in your open-faced helmet.

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