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Ferrari 360 Challenge

Broadcast date : 25th February 2007

Imagine this is your day at the track. They’re unloading your Ferrari 360 Challenge racer, and you’re going to be driving it. 

Dream on, brothers and sisters, dream on. Or, maybe not.

Taurino Racing in Joburg offer track days in Ferraris just like this one, available to your average, simple run-of-the mill person. Like Hendrik, for instance

Taurino Racing has a number of these ultra-rare cars to use for corporate fun days and a race series to be held at selected events in 2007. A half-day behind the wheel will set you back eight and a half grand!

Hendrik, in fact is no mean driver, with some racing trophies in his cabinet to prove it. But today he’s doing the Taurino Racing experience, so like any good television person, he’s playing a role – Hendrik the Rookie.

Wesbank Raceway is an awkward track for a car like the Ferrari 360 Challenge. The tight back section with 180 degree hairpins mean second-gear at best. And, as there’s precious little straightway linking the two hairpins, it’s difficult to find a rhythm.

In the first part of the session, Hendrik is paying lots of attention to Oscar. This is ideally what a pupil should do, but at this stage, he’s not yet driving naturally, not getting a flow going, his mojos working. That’ll come later.

Now our Ferrari fan is having fun. He’s turning in with authority, punching those gear buttons, nailing the throttle. Today Wesbank, Hendrik is probably thinking, tomorrow Spa, Monte Carlo, Monza…

And the Ferrari is quick. Not wickedly quick, but clinically quick. With 320-plus kilowatts, this car accelerates to 100 km/h in under four seconds.

On Wesbank’s straight it‘ll top about 220 or 230 in the right conditions, so it all looks smooth. But there’s no time to snooze.

For the guys with the money, Taurino Racing will be running its challenge series in 2007 for guys with their own 360 Challenge cars or rent-a-drives.

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