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BMW Z4M Coupe

Broadcast date : 18th February 2007

The M badge stands for Motorsport, of course. Or if you, like, Mega. Mega power, Mega car. And apart from its snug-bug profile, serious overtaking presence.

Itís funny how people always assume youíll carry golf clubs in a car like this. For speed-obsessed young mothers, a pram would probably fit in here too. Just.

BMW have gone all chunky for the cockpit of the M Coop. Chunky, thick-rimmed steering wheel, solid switchgear, chunky side-bolster for the seats to keep you in place. Even when you donít want to be all-cooped up.

When youíve clambered out of the cabin youíll want to check out the engine. All 252 kiloWatts of it, in classic BMW six-cylinder configuration.

Keep that image in mind, folks, because this could be the swan-song for BMW Motorsportís fabulous six.

The next-generation M3 will have V8 power, and itís likely that the M Coupe will also get a V8, if the Bavarian boffins can figure out how to cram one in there.

For the mean time, marvel that BMW have been able to extract so much performance from its 24-valve masterpiece, with great torque and an ability to rev to 8000 rpm all day, every day.

The BMW M Coupe is a demanding car to live with out on the streets. The only way you really enjoy it is to drive it hard. 

It has a heavy clutch, an un-damped gear-change and steering that never lets you really relax.

BMW Z4 M Coupe
  • Engine: Six-cylinder petrol, 3 246 cc
  • Power: 252 kW @7 900 rpm
  • Torque: 365 Nm @ 4 900 rpm
  • Transmission: Six-speed manual, rear-wheel-drive
  • 0-100 km/h:  
  • Top speed: 255 km/h (Car Magazine)
  • Fuel consumption: 5,8 litres/100 km (Car Magazine)
  • Price: R543 500

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