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Cadillac BLS launch

Broadcast date : 10th December 2006

The Cadillac name is on the way back in South Africa early in 2007. And along with the Chevrolet and Opel brands, General Motors has incorporated a strong family look with nevertheless distinctive styling for the new BLS model.

Although the new Caddy is built in Sweden, it still embodies Cadillac essence.

The last time you could order a Cadillac through your local GM dealer in South Africa was way back in 1958. 
On hand to welcome the new mid-size Caddy were two special imports from the golden age of Cadillac.

The pale pink car is a 1959 Eldorado, the year when tailfins reached their zenith on this vast piece of American rolling real estate.

This hint-of-pink í59 model is the car that Hollywood has immortalised in countless movies, because it represented the zenith of the Age of Innocence for most Americans. It was a time before the realities of the Vietnam war and the price you had to pay for excess hit home.

The masterpiece of excess in deeper pink, leaning towards peach, is a 1960 model, which means the trademark tailfins had been trimmed back ever so slightly.

Elvis Presley would have bought one of each, maybe even for you and me if we happened to wander by.

The modern Cadillac still has an air of opulence and romance, but now itís restrained, and suitably scaled-down for the lean-and-mean 21st century.

So itís goodbye to acres of chrome and rumbling V8s, hello to two-litre turbos, V6s and diesels, cloaked in a taut, tensioned package.

Think of the new Caddie as the Global Cadillac.

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