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Mykonos Gymkhana 2006

Broadcast date : 10th December 2006

The holiday season is truly upon us. Time for some sun, sea, scenery, heritage, and …..horsepower!

For the Car Torque crew it felt like coming home, as we took in our second Mykonos Gymkhana, the final round of this year’s series of auto-tests organised by the Witzenberg MotorClub and sponsored by Hyperformance, the camshaft specialists in the Western Cape.

While Hendrik was honing up on his navigational skills and trying to make sense of the complex loops through the Club Mykonos car park kerb stones, we were once again struck by the sheer variety of entries for this bi-annual event. 

Hot Golfs and Beemers, quads and micro-midgets were all part of the mix.

We’re sure this navigation thing isn’t easy, but it looked like Hendrik was telling Mynhardt to head for the beach. Or was that the casino? 

Perhaps our man Hendrik was confused by all the tyre smoke.
Car Torque’s scriptwriter Stuart Johnston had an even greater responsibility as he was teamed with Mike Nathan, multiple Hyperformance Mykonos champion, and favourite to win the event and the 2006 championship.

Nathan had entered two cars for the event and Stuart was paired in Mike’s rally-championship-winning Toyota.
Meanwhile Hendrik was scheduled to run with Mykonos newcomer Etienne du Toit, a youngster noted for both track and rallying talent.

Etienne had given Mike Nathan some stiff competition in this year’s National Rally Championship in his similar Toyota Corolla. 

But his inexperience in the Hyperformance championship showed in his car’s set-up, which had far too much suspension travel.

The 2006 Gymkhana has brought some fine female talent to the fore, in the shape of Nashrene Schloss in her Corolla, and Linda Binedell in her Audi TT, who were both competing for the Ladies title.

Meawhile Mike Nathan’s crew was hard at work on his potent Mazda Rustler.

Mike’s Mazda is one trick piece of machinery. It’s 1500 cc motor revs to 10500 rpm, thanks to some exotic internals, and it handles fantastically.

The Mykonos Hyperformance format places emphasis on driving skill and fun without too much danger – although quad riders are advised to wear leathers – and also draws some historic machinery out of the woodwork.

This twin-cam Cressida-powered Corolla Rally-car has been competing in rallies since the early 1980s, driven here with great verve and greater body-roll by Martin Esterhuyse.
Meanwhile the battle for overall honours up-front was intense, with Mike Nathan and some passive navigation from Stuart Johnston vying for Class C honours in his rally Toyota.

He was under lots of pressure from Andre Dreyer in a potent Golf two-litre, and Duncan Jepthas in another Golf.

Andre Dreyer it was then, from Duncan Jepthas in his yellow Golf, Cobus Erasmus in a Fox and Brent Laurings in an Opel.

So, a great victory for Andre Dreyer, with Duncan Jephtas claiming second in his bright-yellow Golf.

Mike Nathan won the overall championship for the year, and was already planning an engine rebuild for his Mazda Rustler.

The accent at Mykonos is on fun and excitement, especially for Car Torque’s multi-tasking presenter, who was treated like a superstar the whole weekend.

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