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Auto Africa 2006
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Broadcast date : 5th November 2006

Auto Africa is a massive show, and if you made it to this year’s event, today being the last day, we hope you checked out the industrial halls.

Even if you couldn’t understand all the latest paint, machining and metallurgical technology, you couldn’t help but gain greater respect for the wonderful invention called the motorcar.

There have been a number of chinese companies eyeing South Africa as an export market, but the ChangAn Automobile Group and Autohaus Gobel have stolen a march on the competition with the Chana.

Chana single-cab pick-up in 1,3 and 1,6 litre form is already available, while next year sees the arrival of van and double-cab derivatives.

For most show-goers, Auto Africa is about dreaming, and this year Jaguar gave us plenty of pillow fodder. 

The new XK was launched in South Africa earlier this year, but it’s only recently that we’ve seen examples reaching the streets. We think it’s a remarkably affordable and beautiful supercar.
The supercharged XKR is all new, having just made its debut overseas, and to have it in South Africa was something of a coup for Jaguar.

Rear seat space aside, this convertible does the business!

The production Ford GT, a 21st century rendition of the 1960’s Ford GT40, certainly merited attention, although we wish Ford stylists would fix those bland wheels.

The Iosis, says Ford, is much more than a concept vehicle. It shows the direction the company will be headed in, over the next few years.

For those whose ears are blown back by ruts, rocks and bushes, there’s the Four-Track, basically a cool-looking four-by-four pick-up. Yee Hah!

As for Car Torque’s unofficial Car of the Show award, for us there can be only one choice.

The Audi R8 is going to revolutionise the supercar industry. Here we have a mid-engined road-going machine that is so, so different to anything from Porsche, Lamborghini or Ferrari. And comes with all the back-up and quality assurances of a major player in the South African motor industry.

Yes, it arrives here in a couple of months time.

And yes, you tell yourself, this is the road-going version of the multiple Le Mans winner. Well, close, anyway.

We’re glad we made it to Auto Africa in 2006.

There was just so much to see, and so much to look forward to on our roads in the coming year.

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