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Auto Africa 2006
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Broadcast date : 5th November 2006

Viewing the Audi stand at Auto Africa you’d be excused for thinking it had only one thing in mind…….Power!

This was the first view of the new Audi TT in the metal, and Audi seems to have pulled off a neat balancing act in retaining the car’s classic imprint. 

The S3 is another long-awaited performance icon in what is nowadays a hefty catalogue of Audi performance cars.

Of course, as far as Alfa Romeo is concerned, every car is a performance car.

The launch of a new Alfa Romeo Spider is a big event in this passionate company’s on-going history. 

This is only the fourth all-new Spider shape since the original Giulietta Spider was launched way back in 1955.

Mercedes-Benz was determined to make use of all its floor space at Auto Africa 2006, and some of the air-space too.
As the BMW M6 clearly demonstrates, motor shows are about dreams.

It was wonderful for Renault that Fernando Alonso wrapped up the World Formula One title for them a week before Auto Africa.

The Renault’s speed and reliability gave Fernando two back-to-back titles, something not many F1 drivers have achieved.

Renault has used its Formula One involvement very effectively as a marketing tool, and its Renault Sport performance vehicles emerging from its performance division are highly rated.

The all-new Clio Sport looked particularly scrumptious, and we enjoyed the detail updates to the Megane Sport too, as these cars are thoroughly engineered.

Renault is renowned not only for fine engineering, but currently leads the global way in design innovations too, in many respects.

This Egeus concept vehicle, first shown at the 2005 Frankfurt show, is a distinctly upmarket all-wheel-drive SUV.

The rear-hinged rear-doors and pillar-less mid-section aid entry, as do the outward-pivoting front seats. Power is from a 187 kilowatt V6.

When it comes to concept vehicles, Toyota is not afraid to push the boundaries, as shown by this Fine-N concept vehicle with fuel-cell energy storage, an electric motor on each wheel, and a vehicle authentication system that recognises the driver’s face.

As far as recognition goes, the Aygo embodies all the latest Toyota design cues in a huggable little package.

While the Aygo was at Auto Africa to test public reaction, a new model already on sale as the show began is the Avanza, a seven-seater van-based MPV that weighs in at under R100 000. No need to test the reaction on that one.

At the other end of the MPV scale, we lingered over the brand new Land Rover Freelander, the third-generation small Landi looking for all intents and purposes just like a shrunken Range Rover. Much cooler!

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