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BMW M6 Convertible

Broadcast date : 22nd October 2006

For those who want to combine high style with an appreciation of nature, and earth-tremouring performance when the mood grabs you, BMW brings you the M6 Convertible.

A simple name for one of the most complex pieces of machinery on the planet.

5 litres, 10 cylinders, 373 kilowatts, 520 Newton metres, DSC, EDC, ASE and… ummm, lets just say lots of money.

There are those who say the BMW 6 Series convertible is the best-looking BMW of all.

The M6 adds some fancy bits, wings, big wheels… Hmmmm, the usual stuff. Oh well. If you have it, you should probably flaunt it.

And then there’s the interior. Multi-faceted, dual-toned hide. Never say leather when referring to a car of this stature. Hide.

And the instrumentation. You need analog of course, none of the digital nonsense. When that rev counter needle hits eight-three, you want to see it, you want to hear it, you almost want to
touch it!

As for that V10 sound, oh yes! Especially on the down shifts, when the paddle shift gearbox is at its best.

Wonderful as it is to relish the superb chassis in the mountain passes, it really is a shame not stretch its legs on a fast motorway.

With just a modicum of space you’d be up to 100 in 4,8 seconds. And if it weren’t for that nonsensical speed limiter set to 250, 330 would be on the cards.

Aah, so what’s in store for today? A meeting with the CEO of the World Bank? Well, why not take it on the yacht. The BMW looks so good parked in front of the mooring, don’t you think?

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