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Big Four Preview

Broadcast date : 17th September 2006

The Futurefin Big 4 Shootout brings the kingpins of the motorised universe together in a unique event.

The Subaru Impreza Sti that Peter Lindenberg will be driving is known as the test mule thatís being used for development for his up-coming season in Production Car racing, in 2007.

The event is scheduled to run from Friday the 22nd of September to Monday the 25th. Racing starts at the Phakisa GP track in Welkom, moves through to Wesbank Raceway on Saturday, the Midvaal track near Meyerton on Sunday and rounds off with some tight stuff at Zwartkops near Pretoria on Monday, a public holiday.

While cars like the Nissan 350Z can spring a surprise with the right driver at the wheel, one of the undoubted favourites has to be the Ferrari 360 Challenge, a full-on race version of the famous Ferrari supercar.

Owned by Andrea Taurino, this car is a super lightweight, super powerful factory-built car, and Andrea uses it to teach Ferrari driversÖ and would-be Ferrari driversÖ how to cope with 294 kW and zero to 100 in 3,9 seconds!

It has Ferrari F1 paddle shift transmission, plenty of weight-reducing carbon fibre bodywork, and itís driven by men with hair on their chest.

And gorgeous-looking women, like former Miss South Africa Claudia Henkel, who is now known as the Face of Futurefin. 

A hot car at the head of a pack of hot cars. 

But can the babe behind the wheel give it some serious pedal? 

Hmm, not bad Claudia! Seems like having a Porsche as a company car has upped your game!

One of the most beautiful Ferraris Andrea owns has to be the F430.
But Lamborghini fans will fiercely argue the point, which is whatís going to make the Lambo Gallardo presence at the Futurefin Big 4 so much more fun!

Marius demonstrated the Gallardoís prowess on the skid pan, as one of the Big 4 events will be a gymkhana.

The Big 4 question isÖ will the Bentley Continental GT make it to the track on September the 22nd? 

Itís been a long time since Bentley showed its metal in South African competition, even though the Bentley-South African connection goes way back.

As for Lotus, the marque has always enjoyed a strong emotional bond in South Africa, ever since the great Jim Clark won the SA Grand Prix in 1965.

The Lotus Exige is tailor-made for events like the Big 4, with its fantastic power-to-weight ratio.

Organiser Wayne Fisher says there will be specialist Lotus drivers from Britain taking part in the event.

The bike contingent will include the latest Honda Fireblades, Kawasaki ZX120ís and Suzuki GSXRís.

On the track, the guys who will be in for a chance with the Big 4 will be those with some track experience.

Wesbank Raceway, where this preview was shot, takes more than a little learning due to its succession of hair-pin bends, which require a late entry point that few get right. Most drivers turn in early and run out of road on the exit.

We canít wait for the action this coming weekend. Car Torque will be there to bring you the action in the coming weeks.

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