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Supercar Day at Kyalami - 2006

Broadcast date : 20th August 2006

Ferrari… Porsche… Lamborghini… pretty girls… good-looking guys. Hmm. What else, you might ask, IS there?

We don’t need much of an excuse to visit Kyalami on one of the Investment Cars track days. Just look. Just listen.

The whoofle of a Noble, the Lambo just up ahead a-screamin’. No mistaking an unsilenced Porsche flat-six bark is there? There’s the Murcielago’s refined wail, the grunt of the Dodge Viper, and the F360’s V8 that sounds like a highly-tuned four. Looks like soo much fun. 

For the guys who do this all the time, it can get serious.

There’s plenty of loot out there being tossed around. Most of the supercars were late-model cars, which means they’re seriously quick, and it’s interesting that supercars which were mind-boggling a few years ago, can date.

This pristine Porsche is a GT2, which basically means a factory-built racer for the road. 

And this one, belonging to Andre Bezuidenhout, is re-built to a spec beyond the average GT2.

You’re looking at 500 kiloWatts here, son. Sure you wanna play?
At the other end of the supercar spectrum you have the Corvette, this one a beautifully-kept C5 model. Does the Corvette make it in this kind of company?

Well, it has all the right credentials. A 5,7 litre V8, handling that generates serious G-forces, beautiful looks to rival those of Ferrari, and detailing that pleases the soul of any true enthusiast.

There’s no doubting the status of a Lamborghini Murcielago, even though the firm founder Ferrucio Lamborghini started out in the motor business building tractors.

Ever since Lamborghini has come under the wing of Audi internationally, and under Investment Cars in South Africa, the brand has gone from strength to strength.
As for the ultimate supercar, well, the enthusiasts will rage on into the night over that one, but this Ferrari F50 will be a candidate. Its full carbon-fibre chassis and dual turbocharged V8 engine saw it rated as the ultimate supercar of the late 1990s.

Because it’s so specialized, and so rare, it’s one of the most collectible Ferraris in the world.
The average person, like your old Aunty Mavis or even older Uncle Cedric may question the very validity of supercars.

Why, they will ask, is it NECESSARY to go so fast? The answer of course, is that it isn’t!.

And on today’s traffic-clogged South African roads, it’s not only unnecessary, but often impossible.

Hence these kind of supercar days at race tracks where the boys and girls can have fun. Now, all you need is to work harder to save up for the deposit.
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