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Kingsley Holgate

Broadcast date : 30th July 2006

He looks like a mountain lion. An African mountain lion. 

Kingsley Holgate comes from a family of missionaries, and for the past twelve months, this Kwazulu-Natal adventurer has been on a mission of his own – to bring relief to the Malaria-ridden regions of Africa, using hard-working Land Rovers laden to the hilt with mosquito nets.

His recent triumphant homecoming at Lesedi Village outside Jo’burg marked a year-long expedition that took Kingsley and his crew into some of the most beautiful – and heart-breaking corners of our continent.

Kingsley and his work party have lived rough for the past year, as indeed have these hardworking Land Rover Defenders. 

To access the remote regions between Durban, Mozambique, Tanzania and Somalia took some doing, and to fail wasn’t an option.

Malaria is a big killer in Africa. According to a recent Time Magazine report, two African children die every minute of every day, after being bitten by the malaria-carrying mosquito.

Kingsley has spent a good part of his adult life in some of the most far-flung regions in the world. 

He famously circumnavigated the globe a few years back along the Tropic of Capricorn, and then, as now, he has relied on Land Rovers to do the job.

Kingsley and his family, wife Gill and son Ross, have been traveling through Africa for fifteen years in Land Rovers. On the Rainbow trip, Gill was lucky to escape injury when one of their laden Landi’s overturned.

Kingsley’s two personal Land Rovers are named Chuma and Susi, after African members of David Livingston’s expedition, who carried the nineteenth century explorer to his grave.

The names are typical of Kingsley’s humour, an essential ingredient for the kind of work he has taken on.

The expedition helped distribute two-hundred and forty thousand insect-repellent nets, traveling by Land Rover and Swahili sailing Dhow. One net, one life was the slogan, and Kingsley’s legacy will live on for years in Africa.

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