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Driver training - Clint and guest Zanele Khumalo

Broadcast date : 2nd July 2006

O, The Oprah Magazine's Beauty Editor Zanele Khumalo is exactly the kind of student Clint enjoys having on his driving course. The type that takes instruction and pays attention.

In the first module of the driving course, Clint simulates an emergency braking test on a wet road, with an imaginary bus parked in front of the car where the marking cones end.

Then it was Zanele’s turn to see how hard she could apply the brakes when ABS is fitted.

Zanele drives a front-wheel drive Polo, so the Smart ForFour, also front-wheel-drive, was the ideal course car for her. Clint showed how front-wheel-drive cars react when they lose grip on a slippery surface.

Zanele seemed to catch on quite quickly, and was keeping her nerves well in check.

The car tends to travel straight on, no matter how much the steering is turned. This is known as understeer.

It doesn’t only happen on wet roads. Push too fast into a dry corner and, again, a front-wheel-drive car will understeer.

Before experiencing understeer for herself, Zanele learnt the correct cornering line around Zwartkops Raceway –

As the afternoon progressed Clint helped Zanele to build up speed.

All in an afternoon’s work for Clint the driving instructor, but a memorable one for Zanele.

The important aspects she learned – how to recognize and deal with understeer and how to place a car accurately when cornering – she’ll take with her into her daily driving on public roads.

It’ll make her a safer driver, because she’ll be able to recognize a dangerous situation and take the appropriate actions.

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