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Durban Motorheads

Broadcast date : 7th May 2006

A recent trip to Durban gave the Car Torque crew a chance to meet up with some of the most enthusiastic motorheads in the country. Hot Beemers and Golfs abound in Durbs.

There is no doubt that Durban car culture is at a high level. This tricked out Mark one Golf belonging to Desigan Govender runs some beautifully detailed, colour-coded-on-chrome mags, as well as sexy side skirts with subtle RS-style air-ducting.

The Toyota motor was fitted just before our shoot and still needed some cosmetic detail work. 

But Turbo plumbing with all the trick filtration, pop-off and dump valve paraphernalia were well in evidence.

A manís car-cabin is his castle, so why not furnish it in style? Desigan Govenderís Golf runs a Type R squared off steering wheel, checker plate stainless steel carpeting, Type R racing pedals and rev counter, and a slim line Play Station to make him feel right at home.

A strong contender in the legal drags is this Toyota Run X, owned by Craig Viriah.

Great big fins, no chrome on the wheels, it looks just like the Batmobile! Craig has gone for the mean dark look with his Triple X-rated RunX.

Hence his choice of rather muted two-tone colours, and most of the bright-work blacked out.

The aftermarket taillights really stand out, as do those triple tail pipes.

Lightning Audio supplied the music-making kit, with custom consoles for the woofers, multiple amps, tweeters and mids. 

Enough frequency switches to keep your ear drums break-dancing, in other words. 

But the real music is beneath the bonnet.

When it comes to toys, Rajen Sahadeo a motor mechanic from Phoenix near Durban made most of his own for this awesome Golf.

He acquired the car way back when he was in Standard eight as a bare shell and rebuilt it twice before he was satisfied with it.

The green-gold flip-flop paint alone, which was applied by Exotic Paint and Panel of Durban, cost over six grand.

And when it comes to chrome, Rajen has a special fetish.

Itís quite common to see an engine with chromed bits and pieces such as valve covers, heat shields and pipe junctions. But an entire engine and every single component that has been electroplated blows your ears back. Brilliant is the word.

Rajen has also given the engine a complete re-working, ranging from the chromed forty D.C.O.E. Weber carburetors through the cylinder head, cam, pistons, crank, block and exhaust.

And to keep things cosy inside, Rajen went for VR6 seats, a Momo Millenium steering wheel, the obligatory DVD screen, and yes, as he said earlier, a chromed handbrake lever and door knobs.

Itís good to know the street scene is alive and well and living in Durban. There are rumors that the Toyota test track fifty kilometres away can possibly be converted for street racing events, so lets hope that happens soon.

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