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Mercedes-Benz R63 Vision Concept

Broadcast date : 30th April 2006

Mmm. Just when you thought Mercedes-Benz had rounded off its model line-up with every possibly variant of every type of four-wheeled device known to man woman and golden retriever, along comes the Vision R63 AMG.

Itís still in the "design study" phase but Mercedes-Benz says that this is a "near-series" interpretation of the already-launched R Class sports tourer.

This is a car-concept for the so-called contemporary-minded man or woman who is looking for an automobile that is both versatile and agile. Thatís the official Merc line.

Kind of like a McLaren SLR for couples who decided to add a few extra members to the family.

The R-Classís unique selling point is that it has three rows of seats, each seat being an individual sports bucket seat.

And as this is a Mercedes-Benz image vehicle, the interior is fitted with every comfort, ergonomic, navigation and entertainment device listed in its current arsenal.

The driver merely has to depress the accelerator pedal against the deep pile carpeting to unleash 375 kiloWatts, and 630 Newton metres of torque from its AMG 6,3 litre V8 engine.

All-wheel-drive and an AMG-tweaked Speedshift automatic gearbox transfers power earthwards, to the tune of a five-second 0-100 take off, and a pleasant 250 km/h cruising speed at zero altitude.

So the six passengers wonít become bored, even if they run out of DVDs to use on their individual consoles, mounted in the seat headrests.

No news on when it will go into production, but rest assured that it will! Until then, kick back and push the button on the overhead console for first class cabin service.

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