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Cobra replica - one of the best we've seen

Broadcast date : 23rd April 2006

There’s no sound quite like an American V8 massaged for high performance. Throughout the world this fact has been realized by enthusiasts in their thousands who have been seduced by the Cobra.

In most cases, when you talk Cobras these days, you talk Cobra replicas. This car owned by John Day of The Wilderness is one of the best replicas we’ve ever seen.

The car itself was built by RAM, a British replicar company located near Cambridge.

The Nitrous Oxide kit would add an instantaneous 150 horsepower or 112 kiloWatts, should John ever decide to hit the button.

Only just over 1000 genuine Cobras were built between 1962 and 1966, and of those very few survive. This replica is oh-so-close to the original.

The original Cobra consisted of a British AC body and Chassis shipped over to Los Angeles where Carroll Shelby bolted in a Ford V8. The result was a Ferrari beater back in 1962. What makes this replica so real is its suspension layout.

It’s all in the ride height and the way it rides. And with four-hundred and fifty horses on tap, that ride can get wild!

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