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Chevrolet Ute SS

Broadcast date : 23rd April 2006

Go ahead. Check the price lists. The only ronkiní stonkiní V8 pick-up youíll come across is the Chevrolet Ute SS, based on the Lumina sedan of similar configuration.

Of course you can carry your chromed racing engine or set of Craftsman tools in the back too. This is a pick up with image

All 5665 ccís worth, direct from the outback is available right now for a mere R314500.

Do we like the Ute SS? You got that right, mate!

While itís possible to return a fuel consumption figure in the 14 litres per hundred bracket, driven Hendrik-style, it was slurping unleaded at around the 20 to 25 per hundred mark.

One thingís for sure, this is a pick-up that is totally out of touch with its feminine side.

The motorsport set has gone crazy for the Ute SS, and in one mid-week morning spent at the Zwartkops Raceway recently we noticed four of them off-loading items like race tyres, and towing racing motorcycles and the like.

The nice thing about the Ute is that it does have real utility credentials along with the ability to accelerate to a hundred in seven seconds and top out at 245 km/h.

Even better, with its standard sill extensions, alloy wheels, twin tailpipes and V8 rumble, itís a ready-made hotrod.

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