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Citroen C4 Coupe

Broadcast date : 23rd April 2006

Citroenís C4 made a sizeable splash when it was introduced to the South African market just on a year ago.

The futuristic moon-raker shape with its reverse-thrust rear window certainly raised eyebrows, especially amongst fashion-conscious car buyers. So whatís new on the C4 front?

The 1,6 litre motor is fairly run of the mill. It was initially offered on the five-door version of the C4 as an entry-level model, producing a fairly modest 80 kiloWatts and priced at R160 000.

With the two-litre C4 Coupe VTS costing R5.00 short of R200 000, Citroen obviously felt there was a niche for an affordable style vehicle in the C4 range.

Hence the introduction of the 1,6 litre C4 coupe at a very realistic R154 995.

Itís an attractive, well-specced package, and on first glance it looks quite similar to the two-litre VTS. This is one for the style gurus, rather than the robot-racers.

Gugu enjoyed the refinement of the engine. But itís geared fairly shortly which means the driver is quite busy. Unlike the world rally championship Citroen, getting the road-going 1,6 moving from rest or low speeds does require a concerted effort from the driver.

For country-road driving, however, the C4 1,6 coupe turns out to be quite a nice package.

Once on the move, you can settle in and enjoy the rather unusual cockpit.

The steering wheel arrangement is unusual in that the hub remains static as the rim is turned. Other unusual aspects of the dash are the separate display areas for speedo and rev counter, and secondary function information.

Your attention does tend to be a bit scattered in the C4 at times, and that deep dash and sloping nose means the action up ahead is sometimes hard to define.

Like the cabin, the carís dynamics are also a somewhat strange mixture of competence and tardiness.

The suspension and steering characteristics too are not clear-cut in the C4.

The C4 is very competent on smooth roads and in fast sweeps, and over large undulations.

The fact that it gets upset over small ripples seems to indicate that a reconfiguration of the rear suspension bushes is in order, to improve axle location.

A reasonable 0-100 of just over 11 seconds and a top speed of a 194 is claimed. More important is the high cabin spec Ė six airbags and an excellent quality audio system will win the 1,6 C4 Coupe many friends.

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