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Citroen C-SportLounge

Broadcast dates : 20th November 2005
26th November 2005

The people at Planet Citroen were not concerned with producing a technological marvel with their Grand Tourer ideas car.

The C-SportLounge, with the C presumably standing for Concept, will not go into production, but itís a very workable car, and most impressively of all, for something that looks like a squashed MPV, it has a drag co-efficient of just naught-comma-two-six, and minimal lift.

Donít disregard Citroenís obsession with aerodynamics that began fifty years with the amazing DS19.

Itís new model line up, including the C6, has something very DS-esque in its design DNA.
In a future episode of Car Torque weíll take you behind the scenes at Citroenís wind tunnel, and examine the aero obsession that is making a welcome return to its product line.

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