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Gymkhana ay Mykonos

Broadcast dates : 20th November 2005
26th November 2005

The Cape Doctor was keeping things nice and fresh in early November at Club Mykonos on the west coast.

The occasion was the sixteenth running of what is officially, and rather long-windedly known as the "Hyperformance Club Mykonos Resort and Casino Gymkhana".

But for practically every Cape Town motor-head, it’s simply called "Mykonos"

The Mykonos event attracts thousands of spectators and hundreds of competitors. And this year, Patrick Vermaak and his merry organizing crew accepted one hundred entries and turned away another fifty because of time constraints.

The most daunting aspect of the parking lot venue is the unforgiving nature of the curves.

The two wheeler fraternity was also represented by this "immaculately prepared" Mazda 323, driven - or should that be ridden? – by former sideways king Louis Gouws. Looks like fun, Louis.

With the Hyperformance Mykonos event having such a long tradition, many competitors take it extremely seriously.
One of them is multiple winner Anton van Bosch, who runs a well-prepared 1900 cc Volkswagen Fox.

Van Bosch’s style was an exercise in precision driving and he was looking good for the 2005 title.

Down in the ranks, others like Mossel Bay traffic cop Steph Petersen, were there for the fun.

Lawman Steph’s Nissan may look a bit on the casual side, but it acquitted itself well, thanks to a locked differential to limit wheel spin.

Dave Kopke’s historic Mazda racing car has been a front-runner at nearby Killarney race track for over a decade and is a very quick machine.

The organizers feel Dave’s car brings a special touch of class to this event.

The tiny Mazda rotary engine makes prodigious power, and Dave was always in contention for victory.

The female crew of Jeanette Kok-Kritzinger and her navigator Karen Tullie were extremely focused in a good class showing, and all that motorsport experience was definitely on display.
One of the quickest and most courageous of the Mykonos gang is Duncan Jephtas. Duncan lost his right arm in a motorcycle accident some years ago and now drives the event using his left hand on the steering wheel, and a second steering wheel which he clamps and releases with his right leg.

Duncan’s pace was remarkable, all the more so as he would end up with a top-six finish in a little 1600 cc Golf, matched against more powerful competitors.

Keeping it straight and cool may be the quick way, but for Werner Koekemoer the event is as much about crowd pleasing as winning. But he’s very serious about his M3-engined BMW.

Werner traveled down from Warmbaths, where he recently re-located to re-unite himself with the event and his beloved BMW.

The Beemer may look a little tatty, but plenty of effort goes into its performance.

That was Mykonos. A fantastic event from the wonderfully enthusiastic Western Cape Motoring fraternity.

The overall victory for the day went to well-known Cape rally driver Mike Nathan in a Mazda Rustler, followed by Anton von Bosch in the Fox and Brent Laurings in an Opel Kadett.

We can’t wait for next year’s event.

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