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BMW Z4 Coupe Concept

Broadcast dates : 23rd October 2005
29th October 2005

"The Thrill of Motoring" was the theme for the 2005 Frankfurt Motor Show. And BMW believes its Z4 Coupe concept car embodies that motto more than any other exhibit.

The long, looooonnng bonnet, stubby passenger compartment hung over the rear wheels, and minuscule front and rear overhangs all add up to a powerful sporting style statement.

Calling the Z4 Coupe a "concept car" is a bit of a misnomer, because itís no secret that BMW will be producing a closed version of the Z4 roadster.

This car has been fully engineered to turn-key level. It features a three-litre straight six, tweaked to a 195 kiloWatts and 315 Newton metres of torque.

And BMW expects a 5,7 second 0-100 km/h, and the usual 250 km/h top end. Electronically limited.

It features electric power steering, up-rated brakes and a few other special details.

The wheels were purpose-made for this coupe. The nineteen-inch alloys have a three-dimensional appearance to contrast with the sculpted bodywork of the car.
The sculptural shape builds on existing Z4 themes, but is enhanced by a special paint finish called Glacier Silver, developed especially for the show car.

It has a silken matt finish to create a sort of hewn-from-aluminium look to the body.

Inside, the cockpit itís all about contrasts. The colours are high-contrast and the choice of materials are both matt and glossy.

Typically thereís a lot of aluminum used, to emphasise the sculpted theme of the car.

This is one cosy little coupe. So youíd better be on good terms with your co-driver if you plan to spend lots of time two-up in the Z4 coupe.

The big question now is whether an M-version will also be produced, to satisfy the hard-core BMW element. Of which, in South Africa, there are quite a few members.

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