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Hummer H2

Broadcast dates : 9th October 2005
15th October 2005

"The rap on the floor this week is about how much spiff is on the iron, how big the bling-bling dubs are, and the slamming of the low-riders".

If you have no idea what this means, you're not cool, man! This is rap-talk, and the subject is the all-American brute power offroader, the Hummer H2.

South Africa's number one Hip-Hop band Skwatta Kamp make a guest appearance on Car Torque when Gugu Zulu does his best impersonation of a rapper while riding around in South Africa's blingest Hummer.

The HUMMER H2 SUV follows in the tire tracks of the legendary H1 possibly the most capable civilian SUV ever built. 

So it's no surprise that the H2 SUV can perform feats of strength that will leave other drivers gasping. 

Like climb a 60 percent grade. Traverse a side slope angled at 40 percent.
Clamber over vertical barriers 400 mm high. And ford rivers up to half a metre deep. What's less expected is how civilized the H2 SUV is at the same time. 

The cabin is spacious and stylish, and standard amenities include an automatic dual-zone climate control system and a superb stereo with a CD player, a cassette tape player and a premium Bose 8-speaker sound system.

Unibody construction may be fine for light-duty SUVs but the H2 SUV is anything but light-duty. It's built on a welded, ladder-type frame with full-length box-section side rails and a 3-piece modular design. It's strong, dimensionally accurate and capable of standing up to serious off-road punishment.

The H2 SUV's Vortec 6000 V8 accelerates, climbs hills and tows heavy trailers without breaking a sweat. It also includes a range of high-tech features, including variable throttle control that provides more precise control of engine power in tricky low-speed off-road manoeuvres.

The H2 SUV's full-time 4WD system may be the most advanced of its kind in the world. Features include locking centre and rear differentials, electronic traction control and a total of 8 operating modes. Even when conditions are so bad that only a single wheel has traction, the H2 SUV can still climb a 10 percent grade.

On the inside, the H2 SUV is as stylish as it is functional. There's a metal-look instrument panel with a full range of analogue gauges, a burly aircraft-style transmission shifter and a handsome leather-wrapped steering wheel with audio system controls.

With undercarriage protection from nose to tail, the H2 SUV is ready for the worst off-road conditions. Components include a thick aluminum engine shield stamped with the H2 logo, rocker panel protectors, shields for the transfer case and fuel tank and a ladder-type framework guarding the transmission and catalytic converters.

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