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High Performance Driving Course for ladies

Broadcast dates : 28th August 2005
3rd September 2005

Audi and high performance driving go together like bees and honey. But that doesnít mean the exclusion of the so-called fairer sex.

To dispel the notion that advanced driving is a testosterone-fueled preserve, the Four-Rings High Performance Driving Academy holds Ladies Days at Kyalami.

And to get everyone in the right frame of mind, make up experts from Dior provide some pre-track pampering for the pupils.

Perhaps the thinking here is to encourage our lovely ladies to put their faces on BEFORE they head out into the traffic, rather than proving the multi-tasking skills by applying their lipstick as they drive to work!

Then it was time for the serious stuff.

The course starts with some familiarization laps of the circuit, with the instructors at the wheel.

The next step is for the pupils to undertake a few laps behind the wheel. Start slow, speed up gradually. Thatís the general idea.

Race tracks have a connotation of excitement, and danger too. So some of the participants find the experience alien, and a bit unnerving.

As the laps mount up, the pupils find themselves naturally speeding up and choosing the correct lines.

Braking from high speed is an integral part of the 4-Rings course.
An even more intricate manoeuvre is changing lines while braking hard. This is where Electronic Stability Programmes come into play.

The ESP automatically brakes individual wheels to counter any skidding tendency as the car changes lane. Sensors on the car -body and brakes deliver the correct braking force to each wheel in this extreme situation.

For drivers not used to cars with ESP, it takes a little while to learn to trust the system.

In a South African context, keeping control of your car can have various connotations, especially where female drivers are concerned. The driving course places emphasis on the correct way to deal with a hijacking situation.

Women are more cautious behind the wheel, which is why insurance companies prefer them to males. 

The ladies day experience is unique to the four rings academy, but we have little doubt that other driving schools will be following suit.

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