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BMW 130i

Broadcast dates : 14th August 2005
20th August 2005

The BMW 1 Series is set to be given a major virility injection, following its launch late last year with a two-litre petrol engine and a diesel version.

And not only will this be the fastest 1 Series, but the quickest car in the hatch back class.

Itís said that BMW engineers couldnít resist the idea of shoe-horning the three-litre six-cylinder engine into the small hatchback, and the result goes on sale in Europe in September.

The BMW 130i uses the 190 kiloWatt engine from the 330i and the 530i. And allied to a small body, itís said to serve up 0-100 in just 6,2 seconds, and a top speed of 250 kilometres per hour.

The 1 Series lines remain unusual to some tastes but they have been freshened for the 130i. Distinguishing items include 130-specific 17-inch alloys, chrome grille slats and dual tailpipes.

Inside it has all the top-level trim. Sports seats, a sports steering wheel and a special instrument cluster distinguish the car. There are also six airbags and an options list that includes all manner of driver and comfort aids.

The 130i is due here towards the end of the year or early in 2006. Rear-wheel drive and a snug passenger compartment is about to make a lot more sense in what promises to be a real driverís car.
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