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Xtreme Auto Show preview 
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Broadcast dates : 31st July 2005
6th August 2005

The Castrol Extreme Auto Show opens its doors at the Coca Cola Dome near Randburg on Saturday 6th August. And in Car Torque this week we feature some of the exciting machinery that will be on display.

The re-emergence of Car Culture in the past few years has been quite phenomenal with speed-equipment, car-audio, and customizing industries showing exceptional growth.

Car people all over the country lead conventional nine-to-five lives during the week. But weekends are time for motorized boogying, be it at car shows or the drag strip.
Looking good comes naturally to Honda’s S2000, especially in the face-lifted guise that arrived in 2004.

But for autobody specialist Fred Hardy, the owner of this black beaut, the S2000 was simply a raw canvas for a vision that included a carbon bonnet, a full Veil Side body kit including sideskirts front and rear bumpers , a carbon rear wing and an Importparts guillotine door kit.

The engine was given a perk-up to go with the outrageous bodywork. 
This includes a CompTech supercharger based on the famous Paxton blower configuration, extra fuel injectors, and a racing button clutch installed by RGM.

The guillotine door kit gives the Honda a Lamborghini-esque appearance when standing still. And it’s 13,9 second quarter mile is not too far off a Lambo time.

Inside the Honda has been given the requisite DVD-Audio treatment and in the small confines of the cockpit, the sound is exceptional.
Drag cars will be a major attraction at The Dome and one of the most successful quarter mile machines in South Africa right now is this Ford Sierra, running in the non-supercharged modified V8 class.

Owned, built, and driven by Gavin Wilkins, the car was acquired as an abandoned project, with Gavin affectionately referring to the car now as "Scrappie".

There’s nothing "scrappy" about this machine, which has been completely rebuilt with a tubular frame beneath the bodywork.
This is a full-out, drag-slick-tyred racing car with no pretensions to being a road machine. And that parachute at the rear is definitely not for show.

It runs the quarter mile in the eight-second bracket, with a speed through the lights of around 260 km/h.

That’s zero to 260 in just over eight seconds! As the Americans like to say…."go figure".

"Quite strong" is an understatement. Being a fanatical Ford man, Gavin imported a special Dart Sportsman Ford V8 block as a base for the engine, the best that money can buy. This is a so-called siamesed block with no water jackets between the cylinder bores, to make the block stronger.

It has a chrome moly forty-three-forty crank, forged pistons, and Victor Glidden heads. And……..well the list of special parts goes on and on.

The cockpit is pure race car, with a strong roll cage surrounding the driver and aluminum sheeting replacing the dashboard and floor panels.

Although some of the bodywork retains original Sierra sheet metal, this is essentially a tubular space-frame racer.

The roll cage is designed to form an integral part of the suspension structure at the rear, and extends to the engine frame at the front.

Eagle-eyed viewers will have noticed some interesting-looking gas bottles in the cockpit, and Gavin explains their significance.

Gavin was concerned about the dusty conditions at Rainbow drag strip and confirmed that he would not be attempting a full-power run.

Bilstein coil-over springs and dampers are used at the front and the rear. The off-centre axle lines are due to the extended wheelbase of the car, which aids stability if not appearance. And it needs stability!

A cool aspect of the street machine scene is its diversity. It’s not just about customized bodywork and quick quarter-mile times. Supercars, especially those with a little something extra, have their place.
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