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London Taxi Cab 

Broadcast dates : 3rd July 2005
9th July 2005

Wot’s this then guv? Car Torque gotta budget to travel to London? Cos that’s a London cab, sure as it rains cats and dogs at Wimbeldon.

They been making these things since Pa fell off the bus. In fact it still looks like the old Daimler my Gran’dad used ter drive.

But I hear it’s got all the latest technology, like. Yeah. Modern interior, airbags for the driver.

Oi! That driver looks like the Geezer wot’s always upsetting people, David Boulevard, or summink.

There is a partition between us and the driver, just like back in Old Blighty.

Come to think of it, we read in The Times about this company SA Cab getting genuine taxis onto the roads in South Africa. Good thing too.

And because it looks like a Taxi we’re sure everyone’s going to jump at the chance to climb into one….

On the other hand, maybe SA Cab have got a little marketing job ahead of them. But good luck to them anyways!

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