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Nissan 350Z - Rob Green Conversion

Broadcast dates : 19th June 2005
25th June 2005

Whatís this then? A Nissan 350Z on the drag strip? And one with Rob Green Motorsport badging to boot!

The surprise package in this respect is that Rob Green, Randburg racer and supercharging specialist of some repute, has been linked almost exclusively to BMW for the past decade.

From drag cars to the Land-Speed-Record attempt BMW M3 he has under construction, Rob has Bavarian Motor Werke workshop manuals as his favourite bed-time reading.

Countless hours and even more money has been spent on his chrome and carbon fibre M3, which has been slowly taking shape in the workshop. The target speed is four-hundred kilometre-per-hour for this barely recognizable M3.

But in the mean-time, Rob has turned his attention to a production run of a road-going supercharged Nissan 350Z.

The attraction of Nissanís 3,5 litre V6 is its reputation for bullet-proof reliability.
Motorsport experience has proved the inherent strength of the bottom end, and in standard form, even at 206 kiloWatts, the engine is very mildly stressed.

The Vortec supercharger conversion fitted by RGM is of exceptional quality, with fittings that easily match Nissan factory standards.

And to add even more friskiness, Rob has fitted a Nitrous Oxide hit for a truly impressive power hike.

The full-house kit boasts some very interesting bits and pieces, and RGM offers the conversion in various stages.

Very little modification to the bodywork is needed to install the intercooler and ducting in the nose of the car. And the engine remains unopened for this bolt-on conversion.

The RGM 350Zís interior includes boost and gas-bottle pressure-gauges, and a heat-able nitrous bottle in the rear.

The stock Brembo brakes are well up to the extra horsepower, while the rear track has been increased via spacers.

The RGM 350Z has run a 12,9 second 400 metre time, and dials in 0-100 in 5,3 seconds.

As development on the test mule continues, production versions of the supercharged 350 Z continue to emerge from the RGM workshop in Randburg.

The cars are offered for sale as new vehicles with a full warranty underwritten by RGM and Bruma Nissan in Joburg. Understandably, this warranty doesnít include the Nitrous kit fitted to Robís personal car.

Keep an eye on Rob Green. His ongoing quest for more power is unlikely to end anytime soon.

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