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BMW M6 - Europe

Broadcast dates : 5th June 2005
11th June 2005

The distinctive engine note of the new BMW V10 is already making music on South African shores.

The V10-engined four-door M5 was launched in early June 2005 in South Africa and what a stirring car it is!

This is the next Big Number on the shopping lists of BMW devotees – the coupe version known as the M6.

The European launch took place recently, and this, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the most beautiful Beemers since the 1972 CSL nicknamed the Batmobile.

The M6 does have a kind of Gotham City air to it, with more than a hint of menace in its hawk-like visage, steeply-raked rear screen and dark-tinted glass.

Like all the M-Cars, this model has been totally re-engineered by BMW Motorsport and is produced in limited numbers for an exclusive market.

The M6 is crucially much lighter than the M5, and features a carbon-fibre roof. Other M-cues are extended rear apron with ground-effects diffuser, quad tailpipes and of course, The Badge.

Crucial figures are 373 kiloWatts, 520 Newton metres, 0-100 in 4,6 seconds, 
0-200 in fourteen seconds and… Blaah!!! an electronic cut-out at two-fifty!

The M6 has a direct race track pedigree, dating back to the original CSL Batmobile, and it will be interesting to see if BMW embarks on a motorsport programme with this car, possibly in one of the international GT categories.

So what about a race-version, BMW? The sound of that V10 in unrestricted anger would really be something to experience.

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