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Customised cars from Vereeniging 

Broadcast dates : 22nd May 2005
28th May 2005

Mark One Golfs and E-30 BMWs are mainstays on the custom-car scene. But to date very few customisers have turned their attentions to the fifth-generation Golf, the car that just could be the next cult classic in terms of customizing.

Wheels, nose job, clear tail-light lenses, billet door handles. These are the tricks of the customerís trade.

The secret is in giving a car the full optical tuning treatment without going over the top.

Another key factor is giving the car big enough wheels to go with the deeper airdams, sideskirts and the like.

This car is all about looks. In fact itís based on a cooking one-comma-six litre version, and owner Nadeem Loray says he resists all offers of a street race.

Shiraz Ismailís Mark One Golf is absolutely traditional in terms of "The Look". The accent is on clean-and-mean, where less is more... no stripes, plain colour, just some subtle detailing to set it apart from the crowd.

Raceline rally seats add a special spice to the interior, a business-like air that says this Golf is for real.

As for the old E30 Beemer, very little effort has been spent on the carís appearance, apart from a set of alloy wheels.
But owner Prean Govender says that beneath the bonnet is where it happens for this BMW. Yes, there's a M3 motor in there, complete with a turbo and a gas installation!

Another branch of car-personalisation is the in-car-entertainment cult. And the big number right now is in DVD installations.

The Raceline Golf has been given the full treatment, with a front-mounted DVD and individual monitors installed in the rear sections of the front-seat headrests.

Electronic game sets have also been plumbed into the system, making this an ideal way of keeping the youngsters entertained on as long journey.

Individualism is what itís all about for these Vereeniging enthusiasts. These customised specials are highly visible on the street, and point the way for a whole new generation of cooler-than-cool "Vee Dubble Yous" and "Beemers".

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