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Audi A3 3.2 Quattro 

Broadcast dates : 1st May 2005
7th May 2005

With 184 kiloWatts to get things mobile, as well as four-wheel-drive, the action in the Audi is immediate.

Thereís a feeling of strength in all aspects of the car but, for Hendrik, the standout item was the engine.

The engine has loads of torque from just above idle, and yet it soars happily past six and a half thousand revs with classy engine note.

Allied to the Quattro drive, the overall performance is reassuring, neutral handling followed by mild understeer at high cornering forces.

But the strong torque and unyielding drivetrain can lead to jerky departures and upshifts.

The A3 V6 3.2 is an effortless device for gobbling up the kilometers, although there are still some aspects that could be improved.

Perhaps one of the big questions regarding the A3 is whether itíll be getting the new Audi corporate nose treatment. The answer to that must be yes, as the design of the body enables the droop-snot look to be easily introduced.

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