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Peugeot 307 SX HDi

Broadcast dates : 24th April 2005
30th April 2005

At a price of R195 000, the diesel Peugeot 307 is not pitching for the premium car market.

But it is one of the most technologically advanced and highly specified cars in its class. Exceptional standards of safety and security combined with class-leading levels of space and equipment.

The "Tiptronic - Porsche system" mode, with sequential controls, is technology generally reserved for upmarket vehicles. The driver changes up and down gears by hand without effort, and with flexibility, accuracy and speed. This gearbox can also be used in automatic mode. In this case it adapts to the driving style and the conditions of use and of .

High-pressure Direct Injection (HDI) technology is a power system controlled electronically in which the fuel is injected directly into the engine under high pressure. This technique allows precise dosing in terms of quantities and times, and thus more uniform and efficient combustion. Compared to a diesel engine of the previous generation, an HDI engine provides improved driving comfort and reduces consumption, pollution, combustion noises and vibrations.

ABS stops wheels blocking during sustained braking and thus optimises braking distances. It allows steering control to be maintained and gives excellent vehicle stability even in the most dangerous situations.

Emergency braking assistance is a mechanical system complementary to ABS. During emergency braking, when the driver rapidly presses the brake pedal, this mechanical system amplifies the braking pressure.

A multiplexed network contains a single circuit linking all the components, reducing the number of connections and wires.

The single communication line is shared by the various items of equipment through digital encoding of information series transmission of it, and use of line occupation time-sharing.

The "Follow Me Home" function, combined with the automatic lighting system, keeps the headlights lit for 45 seconds after the ignition is switched off. This provides external lighting on leaving the vehicle, in order to open a garage door, for example. This function is, of course, deactivated if the vehicle is locked.

In the event of fast deceleration (sustained braking), the vehicle automatically activates its hazard lights, thus enabling the driver to concentrate on the road. The lights remain lit until the driver accelerates again.

The front airbags, driver (in steering wheel) and passenger (in the indicator panel), provide optimum protection in the event of impact. The pressure and speed of inflation of the airbags are optimised. Depending on the size of the impact, one or two generators can be activated. The front airbag on the passenger side may be neutralised, in order to install a back-facing child seat.

The side airbags incorporated in the armouring of the front seats, optimise protection of the driver's and front passenger's thoraxes in the event of lateral impact. The "curtain" airbags are located above the side windows and are coupled to the side airbags. They expand along the windows to protect the heads of the front and rear passengers.

A mechanism incorporated in the backs of the front seats prevents risks of cervical lesions to the driver and front passenger in the event of a rear impact.

On impact the system is activated by the pressure of the passenger's back on the seat back. The headrest accompanies the movement of the neck and prevents the heads of the driver and passenger being thrown back suddenly.

It has a comprehensive list of luxury features such as electric windows, rain-sensing wipers and a quality audio system

The small-capacity turbo-diesel engine provides good power without being a rocket ship.

It has minimal turbo lag, but runs out of steam after 4000 revs.

The narrow diesel power-band means thereís plenty of gear-changing to be done.

Perhaps the 307ís greatest strength is its ease of operation. Itís an undemanding car in all situations, and Hendrik came away really impressed.

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