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Hummer H3

Broadcast dates : 10th April 2005
16th April 2005

The world-famous Hummer came into being as a military vehicle.

Designed by AM General, an American firm, it was known as a High Mobility, Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehicle.

The first Gulf War in the early 1990s saw the vehicle gain global fame, and a civilian version known as the Hummer was launched in 1992.

Appropriately enough, that toughest of tough guys Arnold Schwarzenegger bought the very first civvy Hummer, and he later became an advisor to the brand.

General Motors bought the Hummer brand in 1999, and this mini-Hummer, the H3, is the latest result of the GM connection.

Shown in Geneva in March, the Hummer H3 is set to go on sale in August and this is the model that GM intends as a mainstream Hummer.

It is some 430mm shorter than the H2 Hummer, 152mm lower and, crucially, 165mm narrower.

Up to now, a big drawback to Hummer ownership and there are a few examples in South Africa has been their massive width.

A 3,5 litre V6 engine provides a 164 kilowatts and 305 Newton metres of torque.

Transmissions are a five-speed manual or a four-speed automatic, and naturally it has four-wheel-drive.

GMs Hummer division claims some serious off-road ability for this H3. It has a maximum approach angle of 40 degrees, a 37 degree departure angle, and thanks to massive tyres, a 230mm ground clearance.

The Hummer H3 is certain to shake up the SUV market in America, and elsewhere in the world. Its wide-track, stubby nose, seven-slat grille, upright windscreen and sunken round lights are all macho Hummer trademark items.
Yet it has been given the full comfort and safety treatment too, with aircon, airbags, traction control, electronic four-wheel-drive and navigation systems making it almost, but not quite, car-like.

We've just heard a that GM has plans to build a manufacturing plant here in South Africa to produce the Hummer H3. 

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