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Detroit Motor Show 2005

Broadcast dates : 20th February 2005
24th February 2005

The North American International Auto Show, perhaps better known as the Detroit Motor Show, took place a few weeks ago.

The Show is the premier venue for manufacturers worldwide to reveal their production and concept vehicles, and for the world to get a first-ever glimpse of the hottest automotive trends in SUVs, trucks, sport cars and luxury vehicles.

Of the sixty-five new car debuts, sadly very few will make it to our shores. But just because they aren't available in our local car showrooms, doesn't mean they’re not worth looking at.

If it's the future you are fascinated by, then you were certainly catered for by the plethora of concept and show cars in Detroit this year. Everything from fantasy to thinly disguised production show-cars were on display.

Some of the so-called concepts introduced at this year's Detroit show, are really just thinly disguised production vehicles that are well on the way to being launched as production cars.

Strip off some of the gratuitous fake chrome, narrow the exaggerated wings, and reduce the wheel diameters by a few centimetres, and voila! Guaranteed something eerily similar will magically appear in a North American showroom sometime soon.

One of the reasons for this recent trend is that most manufacturer line-ups are now fairly complete. Five or six years ago every vehicle segment had not been "busted" yet. Today, the public's pulse on niche products has been thoroughly taken.

Not since the glory days of the venerable muscle car era has power taken such centre stage. Real power in real cars, not just the concept and dream cars.

When all is said and done, it was a solid show. There were a lot of great-looking cars, but there were no winner-take-all show-standouts as there have been in years past.

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