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Cadillac STS, SRX and XLR

Broadcast dates : 20th February 2005
24th February 2005

Cadillac, that icon of Elvis Presley’s America, has not exactly set the world’s luxury market alight of late.

Once ranked alongside the likes of Mercedes-Benz as a status symbol, Cadillac’s of recent years have been rather faceless dress-up exercises of lesser brands from General Motors.

With the new Northstar V8s and supercharged V8 engines, the new 2005 Cadillac STS could be the number to get the Caddy wheels out of the ditch and back on track.

Talking of off-the track, there’s also an all-new SRX Cadillac, a Sports Utility Vehicle set to take on the likes of Lexus, BMW X5 and the new Mercedes SUV.

It comes in rear-wheel-drive, all-wheel-drive and with a choice of V6 and V8 motors.

But it has the new distinctive Caddy look for 2005 and that’s

The new Cadillac is one striking chunk of a motorcar. And the SST_V supercharged model pumps out three-hundred-and-twenty-eight kiloWatts!
To contain that power lots of work has been done to produce what GM says is both an American and an Autobahn handling package. Hmmm, a tough order.

This, says General Motors, will be the Cadillac to crack the European market, and insiders at GM say no expense has been spared in using top quality plastics, leather, eucalyptus wood, aluminium and top quality workmanship to get the cabin up to scratch.

Gizmos include a flip-up-flip-down infotainment console that includes touch-screen and voice recognition, Bose

15-speaker surround-sound, DVD, a head-up instrument display and lots more.

In the Utility version, the SRX, some novel design work is incorporated, such as a full-fold-away rear seat. And of course, sun-roofs are big in North America.

Nothing new about fold-away steel roofs. In fact the Americans invented them back in 1957. But this Cadillac XLR has a beautiful roof operation, to go with looks that are pure comic-book meets the muscle-car-club.

Darth Vader, and just a bit of Batman! This Caddy looks mean.

Inside, like the sedan, it’s all luxury leather and wood, way up-market from both the Corvette and the Chrysler Crossfire.

It costs one heck of a lot more than both of them, but it should deliver in performance, with a Northstar V8 beneath the sinister hood, or bonnet as we South Africans like to say.

Talking of us, there’s a strong possibility that right-hand-drive Cadillac’s are destined for our shores.

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