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Bentley Arnage T

Broadcast dates : 4th July 2004
8th July 2004

Bentley's new Arnage T has been re-styled ever-so-subtly since its debut in 2002.

Essentially this is still a Bentley in the classic mould - large, even massive - elegantly sumptuous, deceptively fast, and one of the few hand-built cars in the world.

Bentley says that there is one hundred and ten degrees of angle between the accelerator pedal at rest and fully depressed. And that "this is quite a responsibility."

One drive in the Arnage T and you will see why. The turbocharged 6,75 litre V8 engine produces over 330 kilowatts and 875 Newton Metres of torque. And driving the car it seems as if all that torque is available from pull-off.

Were it not for traction control, this Bentley would be burning rubber like a dragster at every stoplight.

The factory Crewe in England claims the Arnage T will accelerate to 100 in just over five and a half seconds, and run on to a maximum speed of two hundred and seventy kilometres per hour.

Driving the car hard, one is struck by the fact that it revs to not much over 4 000 rpm using the rather old-fashioned four-speed automatic transmission.

The handling is a remarkable blend of wafting along on a cloud and stamping its authority on the road surface like a thoroughbred sports car.

Both aspects of Bentley’s heritage - luxury and sports car competition, come across in the Arnage T

There are no two Bentley's really alike. Apparently the options lists run to thousands of configurations and as each car is built according to customers tastes and requirements, each is a unique car.

Production runs to around 1 000 units world-wide for the Arnage T, and an average price for one of these cars, a cross between a relic and a masterpiece, is about three and a half million rand.

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