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Alfa Romeo 156 and GTV 3.2

Broadcast dates : 27th June 2004
1st July 2004

The Alfa Romeo 156 is the model that re-established the Alfa name here amongst enthusiasts.

Winner of the South African Car of the Year title in 1999, the Alfa 156 is a family car in style with a sports car heart.

Its 2,5-litre V6 engine sounds wonderful and gives plenty of performance. And all the controls in the 156 are designed for non-stop interaction between car and driver.

The 2004 model is distinguished by a cleaner, sharper front-end appearance, new wheels and tail lamp detail improvements.

The Alfa Romeo GTV 3.2 is said to be the fastest production Alfa Romeo ever made.

It has a top speed of two hundred and fifty five kilometres per hour and blistering acceleration.

This is essentially the same 24-valve V6 engine used in the GTA models. It has a six-speed gearbox and lively handling from its front-wheel-drive transmission.

Like all Alfas, the GTV 3.2 is quirky. It doesn't have the bullet-proof aura that you get in some German performance cars and don't be surprised by the odd exhaust rattle or wind roar from the door rubbers.

But it's this Italian temperament that makes Alfa Romeo’s so special.

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