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Three Cars under R100 000
   - Toyota Tazz
Opel Corsa Lite
   - VW Golf Chico

Broadcast dates : 20th June 2004
24th June 2004

When it comes to solid, reliable, basic transport, South Africans are a conservative bunch of people.

How else would you explain the fact that the top-selling cars featured here have been around for decades?

In fact the Citi Golf is essentially the same Golf that was launched in South Africa way back in 1978. And the other cars here are no johnny-come-latelies either.

The Toyota Tazz, often the country's top-selling individual model in the monthly sales charts, is based on the Toyota Conquest that made its debut in 1988.

And the spring chicken of the bunch, Opel's Corsa Lite, has been in production here since 1996.

The manufacturers of these cars have found ingenious ways of freshening them up, with new grilles, tail lights, wheel patterns and paint jobs.

All three of these models are built locally in South Africa. One of the reasons for keeping these cars in production has been that the tooling costs of the cars have been amortised over many years. So these entry-level cars can be produced relatively cheaply.

The down-side of choosing one of these mainstays is that tehcnology has largely passed them by. If you want safety items that are considered essential by some people, such as airbags and ABS braking, you'd have to choose a new-generation car like a Fiat Palio or a Ford Focus in the under R100 000 bracket.

But for many buyers, a big plus is that all the niggles have been ironed out of these cars long ago. Any production problems have long been attended to and all three represent well-rounded products that should be stone-reliable.

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